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Serial Number Reference Guide
Our Price: $10.00

HJ5201 Serial Number Reference Guide
Updated Serial Number Reference Guide is a Must amongst Collectors, Restoration Specialists, and Tractor Lovers of all Kinds.
This Guide Covers Major Brands from the 1910’s thru 1990.
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Pilot Bearing
Our Price: $13.74

836202 Pilot Bearing
Dim: I.D. 0.591", O.D. 1.377", Width 0.432".
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Essential Shop Reference Guide
Our Price: $21.24

HJ5199 Essential Shop Reference Guide
282 Pages.
Overhaul and Tune-Up Specifications, Weights and Measurements, Bolt Torque Data, Metric Conversion Charts, Types of Fuel, Plus Much More Useful Information.
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I&T Service Manual
Our Price: $32.10

HJ3976 I&T Service Manual

280 Pages

This is an I&T Manual, Not a Reproduction. All I&T Manuals are Brand New

Fits the following Agricultural Models

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Cross Reference Numbers


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Operator Manual
Our Price: $36.30

HJ3228 Operator Manual

90 Pages

The Operators Manual (AKA Owners Manual) came with the Machine. It gives the Owner/Operator Instructions, Shift Patterns, Capacities (Anti-Freeze, Crankcase, etc.)

Also Adjustment Procedures (Brakes, Clutch, etc.). This is a Critical Tool for Operating and Maintaining your Machine.

Cross Reference Numbers


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Release Bearing
Our Price: $38.75

830658 Release Bearing
Dim:  I.D. 1.500", O.D. 2.582", Width 0.693".
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Parts Manual
Our Price: $45.60

HJ3524 Parts Manual

154 Pages

The Parts Manual has Exploded Views of all Parts on the Machine, giving Great Detail on Assembly and Disassembly.

It also Includes a Guide for Ordering Parts. It Picks Up where Service Manuals Leave Off. If you do your own repairs, you need the Parts Manual

Cross Reference Numbers


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Service Manual
Our Price: $61.20

HJ3795 Service Manual

334 Pages

This Service Manual (AKA Shop Manual or Repair Manual) Tells you how to take the Machine apart, fix it, and put it back together.

It is Written in the Language of a Mechanic and may Include Valuable Detailed Information such as Specifications, Torques, Ranges, etc.

Cross Reference Numbers

IH-S-274, 284

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8-1/2" Disc - Woven, w/ 15/16" 13 Spline Hub - New
M3435019 DISC - 8 1/2" 15/16" WOVEN NEW
Our Price: $89.98

M3435019 8-1/2" Disc - Woven, w/ 15/16" 13 Spline Hub - New
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8" Disc - Woven, w/ 7/8" 20 Spline Hub - New
973727 DISC - 8" 7/8" WOVEN - NEW - 20
Our Price: $102.48

973727 8" Disc - Woven, w/ 7/8" 20 Spline Hub - New
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